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Arrived quickly and well packagaed with a good set of instructio

" Arrived quickly and well packagaed with a good set of instructions on how to fit. I didn't have any trouble plumbling this in and the valve that taps into your existing pipework was very easy to fit. The push fittings worked very well and I didn't experience any leaks. Since fitting I've removed the filter and relocated it to make sure nothing fouls the tubing and had no issues when reconnecting. For the money I think this is a great product. "
Matt Sills

Excellent Product

" I am really pleased with this filter system, it took me about 25 minutes to install and it works really well. The only point I would like to make is, download the instruction manual to your phone as well in case it get wet lol. If you are not too sure about drilling the hole for the extra tap, you should get someone else to do it or just fuss up and do it yourself its only a hole! Well for 15 minutes work it really is worth it. I definitely recommend this system to everyone who values their health! "

Undersink drinking water filter system does the job and more

" Plain and simply does the job it's advertised to do. We had developed a bad limescale problem and once installed, we no longer have this problem. It also saves us on average £300 per year as we have replaced the water cooler unit with this system. fab all round. "
M. Johnson

Healthy water

" It has even helped clean my kettle, by removing the limescale from the water, the old scale that was in the kettle has now bifted itself off! BONUS. Would advise this for anyone with a dicky stomach due to drinking water, as it does what it states by removing approximately 97% of contaminates from the water. Only downside is I had to pay an installation fee because I live outside of the West Midlands but watching them fit the thing, I’m happy I chose to cough it up – looks tricky! Well just great tasting water from this system, been installed for 3 months now and very very happy with it, cannot imagine living without it now. "
Rachel Hill

Could not ask for more

" Top quality, and even better customer service. A+++++ "


" This RO system is really great, it has taken our really hard water with quite a bit of limescale and reduced it perfect clear water. I couldn't be happier. My kettle, which was caked with limescale before is now so clear, even after a month, it's still crystal clear, coffees and teas are no longer plagued by limescale. As I said before, couldn't be happier, with both the product and the seller. Will definitely buy from them again! Recommending to the rest of the family. "
Angela Evans

A must for all households!

" Great product at an excellent price! I would highly recommend all households have one. Especially, in the West Midlands - we have the most fluoride put into our water than any other county!! Installation is easy - im hopeless with this kind of stuff and it was simply plug and play. "
Patrick K.

Please Read this

" Fantastic product, does exactly what is says and with all of this water pollution (Flouride, Chlorine and other chemicals, do your research!) and Chem trails this is the product to get.I have had other RO unit's and this is by far the best quality system I've had. "
Donald C. Ibarra

Very Satisfied

" Great product and a great price - especially with free installation - happy i didn't have to "attempt" the installation "
Nigel Hall

Great product

" I bough this RO system about a month ago, and i really happy with it. I couldn't tell how much better from the tap water by the eyes but i did the test. i boil both water in a pot on the stove, i found the water from tap leaves a white stain on the pot but the water from RO system doesn't leaves anything on the pot. I mostly use RO water for drinking, tea and coffee. I really love the taste of my tea and my coffee, it doesn't change the taste of the drink but bring out even better taste. it's same me a lot of money, have better water than a jug with the small filter inside which i had to change the filter every week and spend more than 15 pounds a month (don't wanna tell the name). "
Colin T.

Excellent product and amazing customer support - healthy living

" I spent several hours looking around the web for information about water filters. I was just going to get a filter jug but then found a lot of information about the importance of Reverse Osmosis, which the filter jugs don't do. Basically I found this information - Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane, removing practically all contaminants. This type of filtering is recommended for people with compromised immune systems, since it tends to eliminate more pathogens than other methods. I have a 2 year old daughter and an 8 year old, so this is why I decided to fit it. (we recently moved to England and during the setup of the new house I decided we needed something like this) Until now we were drinking bottled water, but of course we were using tap water for cooking soups (my wife is Romanian, any they make A LOT of soups!) but also our teas (we are big fruit tea drinkers , rather than fizzy drinks etc) and for all other cooking and boiling. I am really happy with this filter system and so happy I chose this one from Pure Water Filters, just because everything went so smoothly. The booklet that comes with it is very clear. I am not much of a D.I.Y. guy so when I had a few questions about it so I called them and they were very helpful - installation was easy! We were worried the reservoir would not fit under the sink due to the various pipes below our sink, but once we saw the installation images we were relieved to see that it can stay in a lying down position, so it should fit in most kitchens easily. You can ask Zack from Pure Water Filters if you need one with the pump or not.. If your budget is limited then that one is much cheaper, with all the benefits still there but you need adequate water pressure. "

Great product and great support

" My wife had a requirement for a source of pure water and she selected this product as what she felt would do the job & it wasn't a cheap Chinese knock off. I ordered it and it came very quickly - very surprised by the great quality - it is made in Germany and membrane is US made. I read the installation manual and thought it seems a bit of work, I will start this evening and finish tomorrow. In fact it was so straight forward the whole installation took just took a little over 30 minutes. If I had to ever install another unit I suspect it would only take about 15. I am very pleased with the product and the quality of the unit, it looks and feels like it would never break. "

Customer testimonials

Nice System & Quick Installation

" Engineer was very quick, installed system in under an hour. Doesn't take up any real space as the systems just under my counter and ... "

Amazing product, great company!

" I ordered the standard system (non-electric) as I wanted the purest water from my kitchen tap. I ensured my water pressure could sup ... "


" This RO system is really great, it has taken our really hard water with quite a bit of limescale and reduced it perfect clear water. ... "
Angela Evans
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