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Excellent product and amazing customer support - healthy living

" I spent several hours looking around the web for information about water filters. I was just going to get a filter jug but then found a lot of information about the importance of Reverse Osmosis, which the filter jugs don't do. Basically I found this information - Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane, removing practically all contaminants. This type of filtering is recommended for people with compromised immune systems, since it tends to eliminate more pathogens than other methods. I have a 2 year old daughter and an 8 year old, so this is why I decided to fit it. (we recently moved to England and during the setup of the new house I decided we needed something like this) Until now we were drinking bottled water, but of course we were using tap water for cooking soups (my wife is Romanian, any they make A LOT of soups!) but also our teas (we are big fruit tea drinkers , rather than fizzy drinks etc) and for all other cooking and boiling. I am really happy with this filter system and so happy I chose this one from Pure Water Filters, just because everything went so smoothly. The booklet that comes with it is very clear. I am not much of a D.I.Y. guy so when I had a few questions about it so I called them and they were very helpful - installation was easy! We were worried the reservoir would not fit under the sink due to the various pipes below our sink, but once we saw the installation images we were relieved to see that it can stay in a lying down position, so it should fit in most kitchens easily. You can ask Zack from Pure Water Filters if you need one with the pump or not.. If your budget is limited then that one is much cheaper, with all the benefits still there but you need adequate water pressure. "

Customer testimonials

Very Satisfied

" Great product and a great price - especially with free installation - happy i didn't have to "attempt" the installation "
Nigel Hall


" We have had this for few months, got it for my wife as she was having some health issues and someone recommended fluoride and other ... "
Steve Fisher

Wonderful RO Water System

" I researched these systems for a few weeks (on Amazon and talking to my plumber and associates at work) and finally decided on this ... "
James Huckfield
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